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Interview 006: Photographer + Art Director, Deun Ivory

Design your life, we'll design the rest.

Welcome to our first interview series where we will be getting to know creative professionals and entrepreneurs from different fields. They all have one thing in common, using BRINN to work smarter, not harder.


Deun Ivory pictured with her Honey Pie backpack. Photo by Deun Ivory.

BRINN: When did you first discover your passion for photography?

Deun: i first discovered my passion for photography in 2013 when is was dating my ex. he had a way of creating beautiful visuals out of ordinary things, and that to me was like magic. i was inspired by his way of using photography as a visual language, and his ability to see beauty in almost everything. his unique perspective on life sparked a paradigm shift, which encouraged me to see world differently. life for me was no longer the same. i found myself more drawn to God’s brilliance + beauty, and i wanted to document everything that captivated me.



Photo by Deun Ivory.

You are an advocate for saying, “yes”. Can you talk about how welcoming new experiences has lead to growth and expansion both personally and professionally?

New experiences are an avenue for growth and expansion because they force you to embrace unfamiliarity and discomfort. When you’re in a space or a position that requires a new way of thinking, a new group of people, a different environment, you’re forced to elevate and cultivate a new mindset. I think it’s in our nature to desire growth, that can only happen when we welcome new challenges.

I said yes to moving to Chicago for 2 years, and i was completely terrified, but i did it anyway. That move to Chicago literally transformed my life in so many ways and led to so many amazing opportunities and relationships.

When we say yes to new experiences, we welcome abundance. We welcome a better version of ourselves. We welcome new blessings.

Do you have any tips for women creatives that are trying to grow but are feeling blocked?

Pick the pen up and began to write. Journaling is so crucial to growth because it requires introspection. When you sit still and give yourself permission to get to the root of why you may be feeling blocked, you learn so much about yourself + you may find inspiration from those little moments of vulnerability + reflection.


Photo by Deun Ivory

In September of 2018, you had your first workshop titled, Unapologetically Authentic: Women of Color. What was the experience like of hosting your first workshop?

That experience was absolutely insane. Like wow, it was perfect in every way. there were tears of joy, smiles, laughter, and an abundance of love and affirmation. ah — it was truly amazing.

I get a great deal of joy from curating amazing experiences for women of color. i’m obsessed with it. I love creating spaces where women of color can feel loved + celebrated. That workshop was a reminder that i am capable of doing whatever i put my mind to.

It was also a reminder that that i actually have the gift of teaching. my style is so — Deun, lol. It’s funny, informative, relatable and enthusiastic.


Can we expect more workshops in the future?

Absolutely, I’m always up to something! Come April, i’m launching something so amazing.

Do you have any daily rituals that you practice that help foster your creativity?

Deun: I don't think i do. hm.

I wake up, smile, pray and thank God for my existence, i create affirmations and intentions for the day.

That’s about it.

Oh, and I look at Pinterest, lol.


Photo by Deun Ivory

What is the biggest hurdle you have faced in your career so far?

Asking for what i’m worth.

What does designing your life mean to you?

I believe that we co-create our lives with God. he’s the source to all the abundance in life + he’s also the source of my identity.

With that in mind, designing your life means being in tune with Him, listening to the divine messages he sends to you through prayer, people and situations.

It means asking for that which you desire and believing that you’re worthy and deserving of receiving it.

It also means walking in alignment with who you say you are, who God created you to be, and what sustains your joy.


Photo by Deun Ivory


Houston artist + Creative Director, Deun Ivory has shot for Glossier, Marie Claire, Apple + Essence just to name a few. She is an advocate for colored women reclaiming their bodies, a visual Queen + an overall force to be reckoned with.

For more on Deun, visit and follow along with her journey and new work @deunivory on Instagram. 


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