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An ongoing exploration of art, design, and innovative materials. 




Brinn is an independent, woman-owned accessories label based out of Asbury Park, NJ. Balancing nature and man-made elements with a sense of playfulness, Brinn designs handbags and accessories for the modern, conscious woman. With styles that are meant to be worn multiple ways, this is where fashion and function intertwine seamlessly. Each creation, infused with intention from start to finish, embodies our commitment to timeless design and premium, 100% animal-free materials.

Ciara B Perrone launched Brinn in 2018 in an effort to reimagine vegan fashion. What started with solely travel backpacks has evolved into handbags and more. With loving attention to detail paired with a deep passion for innovative, next-gen materials, our current collection is made up of about 75% recycled materials.

How we choose to dress and present ourselves on any given day, holds a profound and transformative power to step into the version of ourselves that we desire to be. We encourage you to infuse Brinn into your personal style. Make it yours.

Want to know more about our production processes? Keep reading below. 






As of 2020, we are proud to announce that moving forward we are working with plant-based, recycled & organic materials. Good for the planet, good for you.

Prior to 2020, our backpacks and bum bags were made from 100% solvent-free and water-borne PU vegan leather. This means the polyurethanes that made up the material required less water and energy than the alternatives at the time and created a safer environment for the people creating it.  




Our partner factory located in Guangzhou City in China has a core focus on sustainability, transparency & next-generation materials, just like us. Their employees are paid salaries that are 10% higher than the industry standard and 40% higher than the local law minimum wage requirements. 100% of employees have long-term contracts. 

Safety is always a top priority and they meet or exceed the government's standards for fire safety, PPE, air quality, and noise. 

While we collectively always try to use all materials during production, our partner factory works with take-back companies to resell any leftover material that cannot be used or up-cycle scraps when possible. 

Lastly, around 43% of the electricity used in the factory comes from renewable resources. You are the company you keep and we are very proud to work with these wonderful and talented people. 




Ciara B Perrone is the founder and creative director behind Brinn. With a background in photography and a BFA from Parsons School of Design, Ciara saw an opportunity to create something unique when she couldn't find the perfect travel and camera bag. After two successful crowdfunding campaigns, she officially launched Brinn in 2018 with just 5 multi-functional backpacks to start, igniting her passion for design further.

With her focus on low-waste production and next-gen materials, Ciara continued her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, studying sustainable design and brand development. Today, Brinn is known for its thoughtfully designed handbags while prioritizing ethical and sustainable practices, including using animal-free and recycled materials, reducing overproduction, and promoting fair work environments.