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by BRINN Bags

Balance Vase

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The Balance Vase is our second addition to our small batch home collection. This piece was made in collaboration with local ceramist & sculptor, Caroline DeFelice. The Balance Vase is perfect for a single bud or small batch of fresh or dried flowers.

Shell Gloss + clear glaze on exterior. Shell Gloss glaze on interior. Can hold water. 

9.5" tall x 5.5" at the widest point with a 1.25" rim opening

Note: Stoneware, even when glazed, may produce some condensation on the base of the piece when filled with water. Please keep this in mind — especially when displaying on expensive surfaces.

Due to it's handmade nature, no two pieces will be the same. We hope you appreciate the individuality of this project as much as we do. 

To clean, use mild dish soap and warm water. Hand wash only. 

made in the USA. 2022.

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